"I Walk You Through change to make it safe and profound"  Jill Davis

When you work with Jill, she spends time up front to make sure you are tackling the right issues. . . .leadership behaviors, fears, organizational strategies, team dysfunctions, personal fulfillment, communications challenges.  She then coaches you to work through the right issues in the right order--adjusting as you both learn more along the way.

If the issues are yours, Jill sticks with you to achieve the right clarity, change and sustainable beliefs, rituals and behaviors.  If your issues are part of larger organizational systems and culture, she works through that together with you and your team to achieve clarity, alignment, commitment, learning and change.

I'm ready to work, if you are!
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Culture Change
  • Strategy Development
  • Leadership Communication 
  • Work-Life Balance 
  • Career Change Coaching 
  • Networking & Alliance Building

Jill works with individuals and teams to develop their goals, strategies,  behaviors, rituals, and survival techniques.  She specializes in taking leaders to the next level, coaching teams to excellence, developing strategies and then charting associated alliance, communication, and team development shifts.